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Training Week:

Darta, a good friend of the program, leads the volunteers in an early morning excursion through the rice terraces of Ubud. Darta is extremely knowledgeable about all realms of Balinese culture and custom, and guides our volunteers through a thorough explanation of the complex irrigation systems (Subak) in Bali. These systems are complex in design, distribution, and symbolism. In fact it is this system that allows a large percent of Bali to be covered with breathtaking green seas of rice fields. .   Moremore

New Volunteers Arrive :
Excitement level raised a notch as new volunteers’ dive in headfirst.
The first day of August dawned bright and warm as the new volunteers arrived for training week. They showed up one by one at the BCP headquarters, a large beautiful house perched on the edge of a verdant canyon that drops down to a wide, rushing river. They introduced themselves over Bali coffee and tropical fruit salad prepared with care by Desak, the bright eyed, ever smiling lady who keeps the volunteers stomachs full and the house sparkling clean .  Moremore
Volunteer work abroad could in fact be the most amazing experience you ever have, if not a life changing experience. There are many aspects of choosing to volunteer abroad that will separate your experience from that of a tourist or even a paid employee. The advantages of volunteer work are numerous. However, one should thoughtfully consider volunteerism prior to their commitment to an organization. It is crucially important to understand the nature of volunteers, as volunteerism is not suited for everyone.  Moremore
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